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Thank you for your interest in the June 13th nationwide Speak Out for Equal Education, sponsored by the National Disabled Students Union (NDSU). With less than 2 weeks until the speak out, preparations are currently in full swing to ensure a coordinated, organized, and successful action that will deliver a powerful message to the Congress of the United States that students with disabilities will not tolerate any weakening of our right to equal education. WE DEMAND full enforcement and funding of I.D.E.A!!

Ways that you can Speak Out on June 13th:

1. Go to the KASA forum on their website at
2. After that, follow the link that says Click Here for The Kasa Forum
3. Then click on the forum entitled, "Talk About...whatever!--what's on your mind?"
4. Then click on the folder entitled, "What's on your mind?"
5. Then open the message entitled, "How Has I.D.E.A. Impacted Your Life" and post a response

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