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We hold this truth to be self-evident:
That all of us are created equal and have a right to equal education!
If you agree with us, then you should SPEAK OUT with the National Disabled Students Union
in support of I.D.E.A on Friday, June 13, 2003!


During the 1970s, activists with disabilities and our families fought long and hard to win the right to equal education. All our hard work amounted to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (I.D.E.A) Ė a federal law that guarantees equal education for disabled students. Since itsí passage, disabled activists, students, and parents have been fighting to get the law enforced and to get the benefits the law promises. And now Congress wants to weaken I.D.E.A, making that fight harder. Thatís why students with disabilities are Speaking Out!

What Congress is doing to I.D.E.A is not the beginning and it is not the end!
We must show our representatives that we will not let anything happen to our rights! We will fight to enforce and keep our right to equal education!

 Justice will not be given to us. We must demand it!
If you would like to know how you can Speak Out visit our Resource Page

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